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Mission Statement

It is our purpose to serve Christ and his people through faithful worship, study, ministry, and mission, so as to reflect God’s love for all.


Who We Are

“So in Christ Jesus you are all children of God through faith” Galatians 3:26

St. Andrew’s is a unique and sacred family from various backgrounds who come together to worship God and do His work by serving others.  We are a friendly, welcoming congregation that allows members to hold diverse views while still maintaining mutual respect for all members.  All are welcome here, those who have fallen away from church, those who have never connected to a church, as well as those in need of spiritual fulfillment.

The majority of our congregation is a mix of ages, professions, individuals and families who have attended St. Andrew’s for more than 10 years as confirmed Episcopalians.  Our members are committed to participating in worship and music opportunities, educational programs, outreach ministries, and fellowship.  Those who currently attend St. Andrew’s were attracted to our church by family connections, the friendliness of the congregation, by invitation, and by the liturgy of the Episcopal Church.  At least 65% of parishioners pledge regularly and believe stewardship should consist of year-round giving.


Who We Want to Be

Like many mainline churches, St. Andrew’s attendance has dropped off in recent years. Our average Sunday attendance for 2017 was 89.  On Easter Sunday, 163 attended.  Christmas Eve services showed similar numbers with 183 in attendance.  Our congregation has a very strong desire to grow in numbers by attracting new individuals and families to join us on our journey to serve and worship Christ. We want to continue helping both those in need in our community as well as fellow parishioners who may be experiencing difficult times.  With the help and involvement of a new clergyperson, we hope to expand upon our children and youth programs. A goal of our congregation is to increase active participation in the worship service through ushering, lectoring, singing in the choir, and serving on altar guild.


What We Seek in a New Rector

Our congregation desires a rector who will guide us along new and existing paths as we fulfill our mission to serve Christ and His people and, God willing, grow in size.  We would like a personable rector who connects with us and who supports and strengthens our educational programs, outreach ministries and social opportunities. We are looking for a rector who can accept the ideas and opinions of others as well as expand upon them to better our church community.  Our members have many wonderful gifts and talents.  We seek a leader who will motivate us towards meaningful mission and nurture our God-given gifts and talents to the fullest. 

Whether the sermon is delivered from the center aisle or the pulpit, the content would ideally be a blend of pastoral, Biblical, liturgical, and contemporary themes delivered in a clear and understandable fashion. Inspiring homilies that are applicable to our daily lives would help us achieve spiritual growth.

With nearly 40% of our parishioners over the age of 65, it is important to have a rector who is comfortable with the aged and infirmed and able to reach out to them in times of need.

We are looking for a rector who listens well, works collaboratively, knows how to delegate, deals constructively with disagreements and creates an environment that inspires people to participate actively in the work of the parish.


How We Worship

Though St. Andrew’s uses neither bells nor incense, we are eucharistically centered. We are accustomed to a variety of services including Rite I, Rite II, Celtic, and a more contemporary liturgy.  The Holy Eucharist is celebrated each Sunday at 8:00 AM and 10:30 AM. While the Rite I service at 8:00 is a quiet service, music is an integral part of the Rite II 10:30 service. Most of our parishioners attend the 10:30 service, though a faithful group prefers to attend the early service. In addition to the traditional Sunday services, Holy Eucharist is also celebrated Wednesday mornings at 10:00 AM. The first Wednesday of the month is a Service of Healing.